Tree Pruning


Whether you're looking to improve the health of your tree, protect your property, or just get some more light on the deck, we offer a variety of solutions.

Tree Removal


Has your tree become a hazard? Are the roots causing havoc on your structures? Or are you just tired of cleaning leaves? Contact us today!

Tree Planting


"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is today." Call the ISA certified arborists at McLaren Tree Care to ensure its future.

Stump Removal


If you're looking for a picturesque yard, the stumps have to go. Ground 6-8" below grade, it will look as though there was never a tree at all.

Cabling and Bracing


If you've lived in Kingston, you have experienced the wind off of Lake Ontario. Protect your trees and property by artificially enhancing their structure.

Storm Damage


That wind got your tree down? We offer emergency response in the unfortunate event your, or your neighbours' tree comes crashing down.

Hedge Pruning


Is your hedge a sight for sore eyes? Look no further than McLaren Tree Care, our ISA certified arborists will have it looking its best.

Tree Inspection


Are you worried about the integrity of your trees? Our ISA certified arborists can perform a formal Tree Risk Assessment to keep you informed.

Arborist Reports


Looking to do a construction project around your trees? We can handle the required paperwork and install the proper tree protection systems.

Tree Fertilization


Keep your trees and shrubs looking and feeling their best with slow release deep root fertilization.

Wood-chip Delivery


If you're looking to spread some mulch, go straight to the source. We make a lot of wood-chips and are always nearby, just give us a call!

Tree Spraying


Pests and insects can harm your trees and shrubs and cause extensive damage. We can provide a pest management system to help protect them.