Frequently Asked Questions


Are you insured and certified?

Yes! We are fully insured for liability and are a licensed business in the province of Ontario. We are also ISA certified arborists and adhere to standards set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture as well as Ministry of Labour standards.


What are the benefits of pruning a tree?

If you love your trees you can prolong their lives greatly by having a certified arborist prune them. Removing hazardous deadwood and poorly structured limbs help keep you, your children and your property safe. A proper prune will also reduce wind related stress and promote good air flow to prevent damage and disease. Thinning a trees canopy can also help bring light to dark backyards and other plants and landscaping.


Should I prune it or remove it?

That depends entirely on the situation. While some trees are too far gone, too close to the foundation of your house or too hazardous, others can be pruned and maintained. Call us today and we can provide our professional opinion.


What happens with the wood?

If your tree or a large limb is removed, all of the small brush will be chipped and removed. The larger firewood pieces can either be kept by you, the homeowner, or we can dispose of them. Please note that a separate crew will be coming for the wood and may take up to three business days to remove it.


How do I pay?

Your invoice can be paid in a variety of ways. Our digital quote software provides an electronic means of settling up. However, if you prefer the old fashioned way, cash and cheques can be mailed to our address or picked up. Just give us a call!